Sesena 2017 I

A symbol of the Spanish real estate bubble.The Spanish town of Sesena is located between Madrid and Toledo and is part of the autonomous region Castilla-La Mancha. It was Francisco Hernando who created 5.100 flats in the enormous building project which was originally planned to include about 13.500 flats in the location of El Quiñón in Sesena. Today 90% of the flats are abandoned. The blow of the real estate bubble in the year 2007 put a sudden end to the utopia that Hernando had – to a certain extent – made come true. Man is able to put into practice even most challenging visions in architecture. It is often then that these complex constructions are preceded by dreams or wishes. The unbroken confidence in an everlasting growth as much as the belief in a predictable future have been bitterly disappointed in Sesena. The noisy sound of a new creation was followed by ghostly silence. This still young but forgotten place bled itself to death shortly after being born. There is no sound to be heard in the city.

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